What We Do 

Recovery of a Ghost net in the Wellington region.

Dive & Beach Clean Ups

Dive clean ups are Ghost Diving’s core activity, lead by our technical and GUE trained scuba divers and a free-diving team, to retrieve rubbish and ‘ghost gear’ disposed in New Zealand’s waters. While the dive teams are underwater, the shore crew removes litter from the topside.

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Education & Awareness

A large part of our mission is raising awareness to the general public about the detrimental effects of lost fishing gear and rubbish polluting our waters by documenting our efforts through video and photography. We also host public talks led by experts in the underwater world.

Diver & Crew Training

We regularly hold training events, both theory and practical to ensure scuba divers, free divers, and shore crew are able to upskill and increase knowledge within our teams, thereby increasing efficiency, safety and capability.

Training sessions have included:

  • diver rescue scenarios
  • DAN’s Oxygen First Aid certification
  • buoyancy control
  • fin kick techniques
  • safe net recovery
  • lift bag deployment

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Personal Item Recovery

We have been contacted by many from the general public or organisations asking for our help to recover belongings accidentally dropped into the sea or unfortunately, thrown in. Some of the items we have rescued include mobile phones, cameras, prescription glasses and bikes!

More about Project Baseline

Project Baseline

Project Baseline empowers passionate citizens to observe and record change within the world’s aquatic environments in a way that fosters public awareness and supports political action. We have initiated Project Baseline Clyde Quay in Wellington.