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Pictured: Serena cox, wellington mayor justin lester, rob wilson.

Our Story

Ghost Diving NZ is the New Zealand branch of an international organisation who collaborate worldwide with various local groups of technical and salvage divers to remove lost fishing gear.  GDNZ have embraced this concept and diversified it by also removing rubbish and debris (bottles, cans, street cones, shopping trolleys), fishing gear (hooks, line and sinkers), abandoned fishing nets and various other dumped items we find (cray pots, sea cages) from the local environment. 

Officially established in 2015 as Ghost Fishing NZ and rebranded to Ghost Diving NZ in 2020, is a proactive clean-up crew consisting entirely of voluntary scuba divers, free divers and shore crew.  Unlike most other clean-up events which are organised through local dive clubs, we utilise technical and GUE trained scuba divers and a free-diving team for all in-water activities.  The unique combination of scuba and free divers enables litter/rubbish/nets to be lifted and taken to the shore in the safest possible manner, with the least exertion to the working scuba divers at depth. 

We also utilise a dedicated crew of shore support who are tasked with removing the marine life from the rubbish which has been recovered.  This marine life is either returned to the ocean, or re-homed in the Island Bay Marine Education Center, where it is on display to the public and used for public outreach and education.    

Our Mission Statement

Ghost Diving New Zealand aims to actively promote environmental awareness and conservation by the pro-active removal of rubbish and debris from the sea floor and coastline.

Ghost Diving New Zealand encourages passionate volunteers to help in the global fight against pollution, with emphasis on education, conservation and exploration.


Our Crew

The management team all volunteer their time towards the operation of GDNZ, planning and coordination of events, diver training, public education, and of course, getting their hands dirty with dive and shore clean ups to remove rubbish and protect marine life.

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Our Awards

Wellington Airport 2018 Regional Community Awards Wellington City Finalist
Wellington Airport 2019 Regional Community Awards Wellington City Winner
Wellington Airport 2017 Regional Community Awards Wellington City Category Runner Up

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